Teach international economics, development, and sustainability

You need an engaging professional educator for executives or students who must learn about…

Until my recent retirement, I had been teaching at Hult International Business School in San Francisco, starting in 2012. As Professor of Global Economics, I taught courses to graduates and undergraduates, in:

  • Global economics and political economy
  • Development economics
  • Sustainability

I can teach your executives or students so they can survive and excel in a global economic environment that is becoming increasingly interconnected and increasingly risky.


Although English is my first language, I’ve cultivated the ability to test, talk, and listen so that I can teach or provide seminars effectively in situations where the students possess limited language, literacy, and math skills. For example, teaching Japanese students at Hosei University in Tokyo, where I was a tenured Professor of Economics. See my education philosophy.

If you need someone to teach short courses in international economics, development, or sustainability to executives or graduate students, Contact Me.