Asher Z.’s Page

Asher Z.’s page

David Jay Green is a mild-mannered economist who currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and a cat. He writes on non-economics subjects, often under the name Asher Z. Some published pieces include:

Under the Lights of the Sky (Book 10: The Field of Sorrow (as Asher Z.), A science fiction novel. 2019:

The Field of Sorrow (Under the Lights of the Sky)
The Field of Sorrow (Under the Lights of the Sky) Book, By Asher Z.

The final conflict on the Field of Sorrow exacts a horrific toll, balanced by redemption for a few during the inexorable march to battle. You will meet a queen struggling to rule and find love, a witch learning to control psychic powers, a young warrior building a family, a nomad leader searching for a path of peace, and a troubadour telling their stories.


Book Review by M. M. K.

“This beautiful book is full of fantasy and love of human beings, a quality that has become rare in newly wrtten material. This society , at first glance seemingly regressive , but clearly only technologically, still finding its way towards peaceful cooperation , is nonetheless full of compassion and heroism. Personally, I would have preferred less violence and more lovemaking, but the lessons for our society- under -attack emerge whole and pristine.”

The second volume, Under the Lights of the Sky (Book 2): On the Promethean Path, is expected this summer.


Other Work:

“I Don’t Recognize That Man in the Mirror, but I’m Getting to Know Him” (as David Jay Green), Conquer, Dec. 2018 Vol 4 No 5.

“Faces in a Refugee Camp,” Documento, (as David Jay Green),  Aug. 13, 2017 (original in Greek; posted in English on Dråpen I Havet website.

“Enlightenment in the Land of Flexible Women,” Men’s Health Philippines, (as Asher Z. on yoga) Oct. 2010.

“Inner Space,” Men’s Health Philippines, (as Asher Z. on family diving) May. 2011.

“Chasing Angelina, Men’s Health Philippines, (as Asher Z. on being an older runner) Feb. 2010.