What good is thinking three moves ahead when your opponent is playing a different game?

The Third Option for the South China Sea:

The Political Economy of Regional Conflict and Cooperation

Palgrave Press, Oct. 2016, ISBN 978-3-319-40273-4

In the South China Sea disputed claims to ownership of the small islets and reefs, to the energy and fishery resources threaten the vast and growing international trade. The book uses a simple model from game theory to explain the behavior of the different countries. The varied experience of regional cooperation in Southeast Asia provides a cautionary note that, while there is the potential for peaceful development of the South China Sea, there are real challenges to structuring a successful regional cooperation initiative.

“A fresh, innovative, and well researched analysis of one of the thorniest and most complex security issues of our time–the web of conflicting territorial and maritime claims in the South China Sea.”

— Ellen L. Frost, Senior Advisor, East West Center, USA